New Dewalt ToughCase+ Clear Power Tool Accessory Boxes

Dewalt is introducing new ToughCase+ accessory storage sets, including small, medium and large ToughCase+ containers, plus a small bulk storage container that slides into the dovetails inside each of the containers.

The purpose behind these storage cases is to help organize your drilling and fastening bits. These clear-lidded containers let you see what’s inside without having to first open the case.

Individual bit holders slide into dovetails in the side of the case, much like some of their their previous ToughCase bit boxes. The bit holders have also been upgraded to make bits easier to remove.
Small ToughCase+ with Small Bulk Storage Container
The coolest new feature is the latch system, which allows you to lock the cases together in many different combinations:
Small ToughCase+ to small ToughCase+ Two small ToughCase+ containers to one medium ToughCase+ Medium ToughCase+ to medium ToughCase+ Two medium ToughCase+ containers to one large ToughCase+ Small, Medium, and Large ToughCase+ Containers locked together Two Small ToughCase+ containers latched into a medium ToughCase+ Container
The ToughCase+ containers will be sold as part of different screwdriver and drill bit sets including:
Max Fit Bits FlexTorq Bits Tough Grip Bits Max Impact Bits Large ToughCase+ Container
The small bulk storage and small ToughCase+ containers will range in price from $6 to $17, while the medium and large ToughCase+ containers will run $20 to $40.

Available: Now (limited roll out)
Price: $6 to $40

There are a few sets already out on the market, such as this 60pc Max Impact set that comes with a small bulk storage container and small ToughCase+ containers for $15 at Home Depot.

Buy from Home Depot

There is also a 30pc Dewalt Max Impact screwdriving bit set for $20.

Buy from Home Depot
Although Dewalt has only now officially announced the new ToughSystem+ cases in a recent press release, some of these cases have been out in the wild since November 2018. Above you can see a set of MaxFit bits bundled with two small ToughCase+ containers and a small bulk storage container.

Here you can even see that they were using the “ToughCase+” labeling.

These new ToughCase+ containers look an awful lot like the Craftsman accessory boxes we saw at the Craftsman media event last summer. Here’s my Instagram post from back then.
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New different sized Craftsman boxes lock together. Though I lost this video because the Instagram totally failed in the middle of the event and I just reinstalled it. #craftsman #craftsmanlaunch #storage #toolstorage #organization #toolorganization

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I can indeed verify that the small Craftsman and Dewalt ToughCase+ containers are pretty much identical and that the storage trays inside can be transferred from one brand’s box to the other. I can also confirm that at least the small containers will lock together. It’s not a stretch to imagine that the medium and large Dewalt ToughCase+ containers are very similar to the Craftsman ones, aside from being loaded with different accessories and featuring a different color scheme.

The large Craftsman container hasn’t been released yet as far as we know, but it was also supposed to be Versastack (and therefore TSTAK) compatible. It would follow that the large Dewalt ToughCase+ container would be TSTAK compatible, but our contact at Dewalt said that the ToughCase+ containers are only compatible with each other right now and not any other system.

I have quite a bit of experience with the new small Dewalt ToughCase+ and the Craftsman small and medium containers, and I really like them. I was using them to carry around most of my bits and some small tools for several months until I stared working on custom accessory solutions for Milwaukee Packout organizers.
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I like this middle sized box in the Craftsman Versastack storage system. I really wish they just sold the boxes, I'd probably pay 5-$10 for a few. As it was, I had to buy a junky drill drive set to get this box. I've 3d printed holders for the small files, the Milwaukee pick set fits in the other side. Then in the top tray I have a Dewalt black oxide drill bit set and I mixed and matched some other bits to fill out the space. Then I have two smaller boxes with other tool accessories that I lock into the top of this box, but it would be nice to just have another box like this one. #versastack #craftsman #organization #toolorganization #organizer #dewalt #drillbits

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I also liked how Craftsman is leveraging the small and medium boxes for the storage and carrying of more than just accessories. Here, they are using a similar case to house tool sets like this 1/4″ drive socket set.

Hopefully Dewalt will follow suit.
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