Kyle’s Big Boy Bedroom Tour

We've been working on getting Kyle's bedroom put together for what feels like years now. After being in a rut for so long, we finally hired a Modsy designer a few weeks ago to design the space just how we needed it to be. We needed a queen bed for guests to sleep on, a dresser, a bookshelf, and a desk, but couldn't figure out how to make it all fit in the space. Modsy did an awesome job designing it, but if we bought everything they told us to, we would have spent over $6,500 on this room. It took me another month to hunt down similar options in our budget, but when everything was said and done, we spent under $700 on this space (Some pieces we bought years ago and some new now, it's a collection of things over a long period of time. Putting rooms together is a long process in this house)! We literally spent 10% of what the design team came up with and I love the result so much! 
Doesn't it look so perfect? Sometimes when the kids are in school I come sit in here because it's just so peaceful and visually pleasing. It's the perfect balance of everything we needed, without over crowding the space. 

My very favorite part of this room is the desk. I had told the Modsy designers that we wanted a desk and a bookshelf because Kyle is reading all the time and his books were a complete mess, and I LOVED the low profile design that this desk offered, while still having plenty of room for all of Kyle's books as well. We bought these little giraffe book ends on Amazon to house all the books he owns, and then stacked all his library books right next to it, and I love how it turned out! 
The gray basket on the top shelf is what we used to use to hold his books, but now it just has some loose ends that Kyle has wanted to hold onto. The plant was in our garage from another room in our last house, and his chair is a simple $10 folding chair from Walmart. 

I get asked about the kids dressers all the time! Kyle and Kinsley both have the three drawer Songesand dressers from Ikea. Kinsley's is white, and Kyle's is the brown option.  They are awesome quality, and we've had Kinsley's for over a year now with zero issues, so we knew it would be a great option for Kyle's room too. These are $130 each which is a great price for a dresser, and they quality is amazing. I also love that they look nice, because a lot of Ikea's dressers aren't my style, but these are really great. 
The cactus light on his dresser actually came as a set with the flamingo light that is on Kinsley's dresser. I love that they came in a set and that each kid as one of the lights. The gold lamp is mostly for show and we've literally never put a lightbulb in it. The picture frames were from Amazon, and we just printed some pictures from our California trip to put in them since they'd been blank for over a year now. Finally, his macrame was the last piece to complete this space, and we'd found it for about $6 on
One thing I loved about Modsy was all the little details it gave you for a space. My designs had a blue storage cube ottoman like this on it, with an orange animal on top, but the ottoman and the animal they told me to get were literally over $200. I found this identical ottoman on Amazon for $20, and we purchased this moose from Ikea when Kyle was a newborn, so it was fun to put this little detail together for a fraction of the cost. 

The final highlight of this space was Kyle's new Beddy's Bedding. We've been wanting to try them for years, and I was so thrilled when they gifted us a set for Kyle's room. I love that they're all handmade by local women in our community, the quality is amazing, and Kyle can make his bed on his own in about 30 seconds. 
The blankets and fitted sheet are all attached together by a zipper on each side of the bedding, and fit over your mattress like a glove. I love this bedding because Kyle's bed is positioned right next to a wall, so making his bed with a traditional blanket meant I was breaking my fingers everyday trying to get his blanket in between the bed and the wall. Now Kyle just unzips the side of the bed he's sleeping on, and then zips it back up in the morning when he wakes up... and I get to keep all the flesh on my hands. 

I also really love that Kinsley can zip the bedding up really easily too. There aren't many chores she can do around the house with her physical disabilities, but Beddy's makes it so that even kids who have a harder time doing simple tasks can be involved in the house keeping process too. They were kind enough to give me a discount code, and you can use code FLAMM20 to get  20% off your purchase! 
I seriously love how this space turned out, and I'm so glad to have this entire house that we're living in right now completely put together and settled so that we can just enjoy it for the next nine months that we'll be here!
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