How to Reorganize Your Closet—Without Using Any Plastic

Fall is the perfect time to reorganize your closet, putting every pair of jeans, every cardigan, and every boot in its rightful place—but don’t run off to buy new plastic bins just yet. While those clear boxes might look nice and streamlined, they’re not so great for the environment. It’s definitely possible to tuck away all your stuff using only sustainable tools instead—just follow professional organizer Shira Gill’s lead. We asked her to explain exactly how she keeps her clients’ closets in tip-top shape without using any plastic at all. Here, she shares her easy-to-adopt secrets.
Storage Bins
For larger things, I swap over everything in my clients’ homes to pretty baskets or cloth bins—all natural materials. The key is making it uniform. Pick one that that works for the parameters and aesthetic of your closet and then get six of them.
I use wood hangers instead of velvet ones. Even IKEA has great wood hangers at a really reasonable price point. People sometimes wince at the cost of replacing all their hangers, but they can truly last a lifetime. The other ones get dusty and break, so go with the splurge.
Under-the-Bed Containers
The Laundress just came out with a fabulous zip storage tote. It’s designed to slip right under your bed, or you can put it on a shelf. It’s canvas and breathable, so it will prevent things from yellowing and keep out moths and bugs.

Drawer Organizers
The Container Store has drawer bins that are structured and modular—you can puzzle-piece them together. These bamboo dividers work well for separating socks/underwear, or there’s the Bigso style, which is made from recycled fiberboard. I also like linen drawer organizers for intimates and socks.
Shoe Shelving
My clients say that when they have all of their shoes in shoeboxes, they forget about them and don’t wear them. What I recommend is putting out the shoes you wear frequently and that are current for the season on open shelves or in cubbies, or just line them up neatly on the floor.


The only thing between you and a clean closet is a bit of patience, a run to the store, and a quick marathon of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo for some motivation.

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