FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 – 35″ VS

Ergotron WorkFit-T: Which is the better converter? (2019)

This comparison will feature two of the most popular standing desk converters currently available, the FlexiSpot ClassicRiser and Ergotron WorkFit-T. While they are very similar, they do have some fairly large differences that will affect your buying decision. In this comparison, I will go over everything from specs and features to pricing and usability. In the end, I hope to provide you with enough information so that you can be confident with your standing desk converter buying decision.
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– Specs / Features / Pricing
– Return Policy
– Color
– Delivery and Assembly
– Build Quality
– Footprint
– Mobility
– Making Adjustments
– Stability
– Ergonomics
– Task and Keyboard Space
– Wire Management
– Bottom Line
Specs / Features   FlexiSpot M2 WorkFit-T Manufacturer Loctek Ergotron Country or Origin China China Sits on top of desk Yes Yes Lifting Mechanism 2 Handle Gas Lift Assist 2 Handle Spring Lift Assist Keyboard & Monitor Platform Yes Yes Lifting Capacity 35 lbs. 35 lbs. Product Weight 50 lbs. 49 lbs. Height Positon Options 12 20 Overall at lowest height 35”W x 23.5”D x 5.75”H 35”W x 25”D x 5”H Overall at highest height 35”W x 23.5”D x 19.5”H 35”W x 25”D x 19.5”H Base Dimensions 31”W x 22.25”D 31.75”W x 22.25”D Keyboard Tray Dimensions 35”W x 13”D 24.75”W x 9.25”D Monitor Platform Dimensions 35”W x 23.25”D 35”W x 23”D Max Keyboard Platform Height 15” 15.25” Max Monitor Platform Height 20” 19.5” Min Keyboard Platform Height 1” .75” Min Monitor Platform Height 6” 5” Distance Keyboard to Monitor 5” 4” Warranty Period 5 Year 5 Year Return Policy 30 Day Guarantee 30 Day Guarantee Price
The FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 has a current price of $279.99, with free shipping. The WorkFit-T has a current selling price of $429.00. The FlexiSpot M2 costs considerably less than the WorkFit-T. The optional accessories are also quite a bit less expensive on the M2 compared to the WorkFit-T.
  FlexiSpot M2 WorkFit-T Price $279.99 $429.00 Shipping Free Free Single Monitor Arm $39.99 $109.00 Dual Monitor Arms $89.99 $159.00 Color Options
Please note that the black color option on the WorkFit-T features a grey monitor platform and keyboard tray. The rest of the unit is black.
  Finish Options FlexiSpot M2 Black, White, Mahogany, River Walnut WorkFit-T Black or White Delivery & Assembly
Both items ship quickly via ground service with very good packaging to help ensure a safe arrival. The WorkFit-T is ready to go right out of the box. The FlexiSpot ClassicRiser will require about 10 minutes of assembly to attach the keyboard tray to the monitor platform.
  FlexiSpot M2 WorkFit-T Order Processing Time Within 24 Hours Within 24 Hours Shipping Time 1-5 Business Days 1-5 Business Days Shipping Method UPS Ground UPS Ground Assembly Required Yes No Assembly Time 10 Minutes None
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Build Quality
The WorkFit-T and FlexiSpot M2 are both made in China, but are on the higher-end of Chinese made converters with this design. They are both solid with decent quality work surfaces. They move smoothly with no awkward noises and each base has plastic coverings to hide the inner workings of the products.

The main difference between the two, in the build, is the lifting design. The WorkFit-T uses a double z shaped base that lays flat when in the lowest position and then raises to push the platform up when you want to go to standing. The WorkFit-T moves straight up and down with the assistance of springs.
Z Lift on Workfit-T
The FlexiSpot M2 uses a double x base design. Both x bases will widen when lowering the unit and they will get narrow when raising the unit. The movement is straight up and down with assistance by gas cylinders and drawer slides.
X Lift on Flexispot M2 Making Adjustments
Both products are very easy to use. Each product has a single adjustment for the overall height of the unit. They each have two handles found on the underside of the monitor platform which are very easy to press. Both units move straight up and down with little physical effort, but are a bit more difficult to move at taller heights.
Workfit-T adjustment handleFlexispot M2 adjustment handle Stability
The WorkFit-T outperformed the FlexiSpot M2 in almost all phases of my stability testing. The WorkFit-T lays flat on your desk at sitting height whereas the FlexiSpot M2 hovers slightly over your desk in its lowest position. Because of this, the WorkFit-T is more stable at sitting height than the FlexiSpot M2.

The WorkFit-T is also more stable at standing height, with the exception of monitor shake. The back of the monitor platform on the WorkFit-T is not supported by the arms of the base, like the FlexiSpot M2. This creates a bit of front to back rocking when at standing height that contributes to more monitor shake than the FlexiSpot M2. Otherwise, the WorkFit-T has less wobble and keyboard bounce than the FlexiSpot M2.
Product Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score WorkFit-T 95/100 85/100 100/100 90/100 85/100 70/100 85/100 86/100 FlexiSpot M2 90/100 80/100 80/100 70/100 80/100 75/100 82/100 79/100 Ergonomics
Both products are going to be lacking in the ergonomics department. Neither has dual ergonomic capabilities without adding a monitor arm and neither has infinite position lock. The FlexiSpot M2 has 12 different positions to choose from while the WorkFit-T has 20 different positions.

The WorkFit-T provides a slightly lower profile to your desk when in the lowest position than the FlexiSpot M2. Both products have about 15” of adjustment range which will accommodate an ergonomic typing position for people that are about 6’1”-6’2”.  The viewing distance is good on both products with single or dual monitors.
Workfit-T sitting heightFlexispot M2 sitting height See The Best Standing Desk Converters For 2019
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Task and Keyboard Space
The working space on these two products is going to be quite different. The monitor platform on the FlexiSpot M2 is larger than the WorkFit-T because the WorkFit-T has a cut-out at the front portion of the monitor platform. This cut-out is in place for people that would like to place a laptop on the keyboard tray. Both platforms are above average in terms of providing good usable task space but FlexiSpot M2 will have a bit more space.

The WorkFit-T and FlexiSpot M2 have monitor mounting holes toward the back of the monitor platforms that can be used to mount their specific monitor arms.
Workfit-T task area
The keyboard tray on the FlexiSpot M2 is much larger than the WorkFit-T. It is almost 4” deeper and 10” wider. This makes a huge difference in terms of being able to use whatever keyboard and mouse you would like. The tray on the FlexiSpot M2 is large enough for an oversized keyboard and mouse, with plenty of room to comfortably move. The keyboard tray on the WorkFit-T is best suited for a compact keyboard and you still may hit the edges of the base while you work.
Flexispot M2 task area Wire Management
The WorkFit-T does not come with any wire management tools. The FlexiSpot M2 does have a couple features to help with wire management. The first is the curved back edge of the monitor platform. This curve allows you to have your standing desk converter very close to the wall while still being able to run cords behind it. The final tool is a few adhesive backed clips that can be used on the underside of the monitor platform.
Wire management on Flexispot M2Safety
Neither product has anything that concerns me with regard to safety. They each have the normal risks we see with any z shape or x shape base, with a few possible pinch points, but these can be avoided with a little diligence.
Bottom Line
In my opinion, the WorkFit-T and FlexiSpot M2 are two of the best values that you can currently find on the standing desk converter market. They both arrive fast, with minimal or no assembly and with a 30-day money back guarantee. They are also well put together and easy to use.

There are a few differences between the two. The WorkFit-T is the more stable product in almost all aspects of testing and has a better designed work surface for laptop users. The FlexiSpot M2 is available at a lower price, it’s work surface is better for larger objects and the keyboard tray is much larger than the WorkFit-T.

I hope this comparison helps you to understand what you are getting with each standing desk converter so that you can choose the best option for your specific needs.

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