Are you tired of those annoying clinks and thuds in your kitchen? You are? Same pinch.

I’ve always been lazy when it comes to keeping the dishes back on the shelves. I mean what’s the point if I have to dig for them again after an hour? And as a result, I’m left with is a crowded countertop and messy cabinets where nothing can be found when needed.

This is probably the same state you’re in. What if I told you that there are some effective solutions to this mess? And that too, ones that don’t require a lot of work from your end.

Seems impossible? It won’t after giving these ideas a shot! 

21 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Pots and Pans
1. Ladders For Life
Via Fabfromdrab
Wave Goodbye to messily organized pots and pans placed in the cabinets by hanging a ladder overhead. 

It’s as easy and efficient as any store-bought organizer. Paint a ladder in a color of your choice or one that complements the kitchen decor and hang it on the ceiling with ropes. Install some hooks and you’re all set!

2. Place Them Vertically

Minimize space consumption and noise while finding your saucepans and pots by investing in this pot rack from Wayfair. This not only lets you display your cookware gracefully but also makes the cabinet shelves available for other storage purposes.

3. Use a Pegboard
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Pegboards aren’t just meant for your garage. Repurpose a pegboard to hold your pots and pans. Just paint one in your desired color and hang it up on the wall.

Now add hooks to hang anything you want to from pans to plants to ladles and whatnot!

4. Hang Inside Cabinets
Via Joyineveryseason
Don’t wanna create a fuss in your kitchen by hanging or displaying your pots and pans outside the cabinets? Here’s some good news—you can hang them inside the cabinets as well.

Install a rail inside your cabinet and add some hooks. 

Now, what about their lids? Attach some command hooks to the insides of the cabinet doors and store your lids over there. Simple!

5. Stack With Stackers

Another way to not let pans mess up the counters and also keep them organized inside the cabinets is by using this pan organizer shelf rack.

This pan rack can be placed in both vertical and horizontal alignment, whichever is suitable for you. The number of utensils that can be stored in this will depend on the alignment you choose—vertical installation allows five pans while horizontal allows four.

6. Use Dowel Pieces
Via Janellcreates
Give your cabinets a brand new makeover by attaching wooden dowels to their shelves—you can customize this set up depending on the sizes of your pots and pans.

This not only creates compartments to keep them organized but also saves dollars that you would spend on buying organizers. After all, savings are precious! 

7. Glide ’em Out

This gliding cookware organizer by Glideware is a boon for those who don’t want to hurt their backs while finding a saucepan or pot. It can handle heavy cookware and comes with hooks to hang them. This organizer’s installation is also pretty easy as it comes pre-assembled.

8. Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet
Via Organizenvy
Lazy Susans are the best shelves you can ever think of having. Not only are they super convenient but also they give us a lot of storage space.

In your corner shelf, replace your normal shelves with lazy susans and place all your large pots and pans in there. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be left with space for lids.

9. Pull Out Base Cabinet Organizer

This pullout cabinet base organizer is one of the best organizing options available in the market. With the ease of access and two tiers, it provides us with the opportunity of alignment that makes everything look clean. It is pretty easy to get this installed too.

10. Drill a Plywood Strip

Give your kitchen a rustic look by drilling a plywood strip on the wall and add some nails or hooks to hang your pots and pans. Preferably, place this on the wall behind the stove so that you don’t have to run around looking for cookware while preparing dinner.

11. Divide The Drawers
Via Seededatthetable
Divide your drawers into different compartments with the help of dentil molding and slip-in wooden panels if you’re handy with woodwork. Assign one compartment each to a respective pot or pan and its lid. 

Make sure to give each compartment the dimensions of the pot or pan for which you are making it.

12. Hang With Hooks
Via Dwelling
Let us use the walls to display all the pots and pans we’ve got! 

Effortlessly design a wall specifically for your utensils by turning it into a recessed area and adding some hooks in a zig-zag manner—leave enough hanging space for the pans and pots.

You can add shelves below this area to store your spices and herbs.

13. Use a Towel Bar
Via The2seasons
If you’re storing your pots and pans on the countertop because you don’t have enough cabinet space in your kitchen, look again! The side of your cabinet is probably free—install a towel bar here and hang your cookware with the help of hooks.

14. Prevent Lids From Falling
Via Hip2save
Anguished from falling lids or can’t find them when needed? Here’s another towel rack hack to the rescue.

Add a towel rack to the insides of the cabinet doors where your pots and pans are stored and insert the respective lids right next to them. This way they’ll neither fall nor get lost among an endless pile of clutter.

15. Install A Hanging Rack

This wall-mounted pot and pan rack has a lot of space just for your pots and also multiple hooks for the pans. This stylish and elegant rack is the best way to save cabinet space and keep everything in place at the same time.

Its installation is pretty easy and this organizer can hold up to 60-70 lbs of cookware.

16. Invest In a Pot Rack Organizer

This sleek and graceful 8-tier pot rack can significantly add to the charm of your modular kitchen interiors. These metal racks come with two columns, one on each of the sides of the center supporting frame. Each column has multiple rows to provide you with ample space to flaunt your pots.

The tiers are adjustable according to the size of your pots and the installation of this organizer is very easy too.

17. DIY Hanging Racks
Via Familyhandyman
Use all the space available to you above you by trying out this simple project that helps you to flaunt your utensils with a rustic quirk. This hack is a different version of the one I shared in the beginning.

Hang a wooden frame with hooks attached to it with the help of ropes on the ceiling at a reachable height and hang all your pots and pans overhead. No mess at all!

18. Pot Drawers With Lid Racks
Via Durasupreme
Another way to keep both your pots and their lids in place is by using a deep drawer with a gliding lid over it.

The big drawer can store all the pots without any hassle and the gliding drawer makes sure that the pot lids stay in place.

19. Slide-Out Shelves
Source unknown
Save your knees from the pain of kneeling every time you need a pan by upgrading your shelves using gliders.

Replace your regular shelves with shallow wooden boxes and install sliders to make it easier for you to access the utensils.

20. In-Cabinet Stackers
Via Thekitchn
These vertical stackers are one of the best racks you can ever come across in the market. Their slim shape and sleek design make it convenient to place them both in the cabinet and on the shelves without spoiling your kitchen interiors.

21. Use Shower Rods
Via Designsponge
Want to get a bit creative with the way you store your utensils? Install shower rails in your kitchen and put some hooks on them to hang your pans and other utensils.

Install multiple of these according to your needs by keeping in mind the size of your cookware.

Now that you have come so far, I bet the impossible seems more than possible to you. So, come on, it’s time to clean the clutter off those counters and cabinets and stack those pesky pots and pans!

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