30 Holiday Kitchen Gifts Under $30

Holiday Gifts Under 30 | EatSimpleFood.com
Holiday Kitchen Gifts Under $30

Looking for some functional & affordable holiday gifts? Heres some of my favorite, most loved, and most used kitchen items. At the time of this post, all items were under $30.This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I only recommend products that I use in my kitchen or while cooking in my clients kitchen as a personal chef.Thanks for supporting my blog & love of cooking.For more kitchen items I love/use: please visit myshop page.

        • Bread Knife I like the way the offset bread knife sets in my hand. Bread knifes make cuttin bread super easy and Victorinox is a great solid brand.
        • Cheese Knife Cuttiin hard cheese is a breeze. Plus the serration makes slicin tomatoes super easy too.