1. Traditional Filing Cabinets
They come in many sizes and colours.  Make sure to get one with drawer sliders so you can easily reach to the back of each drawer.  Some come with locks others do not.  They can be vertical or horizontal.  Horizontal cabinets provide a space to set things on, a printer, plant etc.  You can buy a stand that has wheels to set under the filing cabinet to make it easier to relocate.

2. Binders 
Binders are a good solution for visual people.  You can have them on a shelf and easily see all your files.  The binders can be colour coded to make it simple to find the correct binder. Use dividers, pocket dividers or sheet protectors to file papers. Set up the categories you need:  household bills, bank statements, warranties etc  Some binders also have a set of acordion files attached to the binder.  Here is a review of this product. 

3 Rolling Crates/ File Boxes on Wheels. 
Use hanging folders and file folders. The advantage to this is you can take them to whatever room you want and the top is open so you can see the files easily.  With the crates, you can stack them for easy storage. 

Crates make your files portable

Crates on wheels make it easy to store away and then move close to your desk
4. Expandable Files
Use one section for each category of paperwork. For example household bills, income tax, financial documents,  insurance policies, warranties, etc.  They are great to have one for each member of the family to store papers relating to them, report cards/school documents , immunization/health records, passport and other documents, certificates etc.  You can also colour code these files.

Some come with special hooks so you can store them in a filing cabinet or crate.

5. Magazine holders
Magazine holders come in paper and plastic.  They are avalable in many colours and patterns. Try to buy ones with solid sides so papers will not get caught and be hard to slide in.  Use a holder for each category of paper you need to file.  You can colour code your systems making it easier to quickly access the files you need.  You can turn them so the spines is facing out, label them, to reduce the vsiual clutter of seeing all the papers in each box. 

What is your preferred method for filing paperwork?
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